How to stop water from damaging your bathroom

Bathrooms are inherently places where there is lots of water. But you don’t want to be in a situation whereby this water starts to damage your bathroom furniture, appliances or the ceiling and floor of your bathroom space.

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There are a number of things that you can do to help stop water from damaging your bathroom.

The first thing to do is regularly check the sealant that is around your bathing sink, toilet and shower. Over time this can become damaged, and in these cases, it won’t function correctly. The main function of sealant is to create a watertight seal around the items. If you notice that your sealant is starting to peel, has holes in it or has become discoloured, you should think about replacing it. To do this, you should use a specific Bathroom Sealant like the ones from

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Once you have checked your sealant, you should carry on checking the taps in the shower head. There may be instances where the washers in them have become worn. In these cases, you may notice drips and leaks around the taps. These washers can be replaced fairly easily.

Finally, you should check that all your bathroom tiles are intact and arrange to have any cracked ones repaired or replaced to help prevent water from seeping through to your walls.


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