Spring Cleaning Whilst Caring for the Planet

Now that spring is here, it is traditional to do some spring cleaning in the home. This is a tradition that goes back centuries and there are many reasons why our ancestors took part in spring cleaning – from driving out the diseases of the winter, to bringing the feeling of springtime positivity into the home.

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Nowadays it is as good to do as it was in days gone by and spending some time cleaning and tidying your home at this time of the year will help you to get rid of any lingering winter blues and enjoy the positivity of the new season.

When having a clear out, it is always good to see what you can reuse. Being aware of the planet and the need that all of us have to protect it is something that you should consider when you are doing your spring cleaning. If you have lots of items that you no longer use, but can be used by someone else, you can either sell them online or at a car boot sale, or you can donate them to a charity. Have a look at charities that are local to you and see if they need anything, they will usually have a list of their most needed items.

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Many materials can now also be recycled, from old clothing and fabrics to packaging material like polystyrene. Have a look for places that offer this service, like this polystyrene recycling company https://www.printwaste.co.uk/business-recycling-solutions/specific-product-recycling/polystyrene-recycling/  and arrange for your waste to be recycled wherever possible. Many supermarkets have recycling banks and can also recycle things like batteries, and for larger items of furniture there are charities who can take it away and up-cycle it to be used again.

Some materials can actually be repurposed – for example, in the garden you can do all kinds of things with plastic bottles, from making your own propagators to creating seed growing pots. Polystyrene is useful in the bottom of large pots as an alternative to stones for drainage too. You can use bottles and lids to make bird feeders as well – have a look online as there are many crafty ways that you can give something that was once waste a new lease of life in the garden, and there is no better time to do this than in the spring when the garden needs so much more attention.

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