Neuromarketing: What you need to know to boost the digital marketing

Neuromarketing: What you need to know to boost the digital marketing

The way to do marketing has changed, now we talk about neuromarketing and who is not able to adapt, can hardly grow your company because it will not generate enough sales for it.

Many entrepreneurs have understood and devoted themselves to the task of studying consumer behavior, others, focusing their skills in a specific area, have opened the doors of their companies to agencies that contribute to the application of neuromarketing in the implementation of marketing digital and in sales strategies.

It is important that you adopt, that you know and that you can understand how you can enhance digital marketing with neuromarketing, the results will be really surprising, because you will be able to connect in the right way with your target audience, thus increasing sales possibilities.

What is neuromarketing?neuromarketing

We will start with a simple definition so that you can have an ideal of what neuromarketing is and how it can help boost digital marketing.

Neuromarketing is the application of a set of neuroscience techniques through marketing.

The objective of neuromarketing is to know and understand the levels of attention shown by users to stimuli through the content generated for them.

This is how neuromarketing explains the behavior of users from neuronal activity.


Saying goodbye to intrusive advertising

It was at the end of the nineties when for the first time it was pronounced “content is king”, with that the death of intrusive advertising was announced.

It is useless to bombard users with advertisements if you do not know what is the answer they have in front of them, or if such ads are not aimed at arousing your attention from the foundations of neuronal activity.

Intrusive advertising is not very useful if the user does not receive what really interests him. If you do not present information that arouses his attention, he will only be waking up to future sales opportunities.

Welcome Neuromarketing

Since intrusive advertising causes rejection because the content is not presented in coherence to what the user is looking for and needing. It is necessary to change the way in which marketing is done.

The goal is not to bomb, it is to present effective advertising. And this effect will depend on the fact that advertising manages to convince the user to make an effective decision.neuromarketing

The neuromarketing seeks to understand better the user, not intending to manipulate but to understand what motivates him to make decisions, to introduce a product that meets expectations for decision making.

It is to understand your mind, your desires, your problems, your interests, to create solutions to your problems, tools to fulfill your desires through products that are related to your interests.

In a purchase decision, unconscious decisions have more weight than conscious decisions. So you must know before what words, colors, scenarios, among other data, the user shows a better predisposition to purchase. In order to replicate our offers with those details and achieve sales results that meet the objectives set.

That is why we welcome you to neuromarketing, if you want to boost your business through a truly effective digital marketing strategy, you need to implement neuromarketing within your strategic planning.

Know the user’s thoughts

It will seem an impossible task to know the thoughts of users, however, neuromarketing offers techniques for this.

We will mention social validation as one of the effective techniques for knowing the user’s thinking. And that is one of the techniques of neuromarketing to enhance digital marketing strategies.neuromarketing

Social validation is based on the collective nature of the network. So, first of all, you need to validate your products and your strategy before implementing it completely. This technique is also used in the creation of Buyer Persona.

You can use social networks to create surveys or place surveys on your website. So you can understand how users react to the way you transmit your offers.

On the other hand, observe the metrics that generate your marketing strategies allow validation. Since you can see how positive or negative is the reaction of users. And know what to adjust for a better digital marketing campaign.

Within the validation also applies to show the results to potential customers, it is a form of neuromarketing. Because you will be motivating them to join those who have considered your products and/or services positive.

Keys to implementing a marketing strategy applying neuromarketing

Finally, I want you to know the keys that will allow you to create and execute a good digital marketing strategy based on the principles of neuromarketing.

First of all, show the benefits of your products. It is important that you do not fill them with a lot of information, be precise, limit yourself to the characteristics and benefits that are relevant to the user. Show the problems that your product can solve.neuromarketing

Second, it generates urgency. No need, since the need is not generated, but it is discovered and solutions are presented. But to urgency yes. This is an essential key to neuromarketing.

This urgency is established by time limits of supply or limited quantity of products. If you make a good description of the characteristics and benefits, this urgency will motivate the decision.

Third, build a unique value proposition, answer in a single sentence why your product. What makes you different and unique in the market.

Fourth, it generates a sense of exclusivity. Users want to feel special and respond more quickly to products and/or services that seem to be manufactured exclusively for them.

These are the main keys so that you can establish a digital marketing strategy based on neuromarketing. And achieve good results.

And speaking of digital marketing strategy. Here I leave you a material, a step by step to start a truly effective digital marketing strategy.

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