Essential add-ons used for your blog

Essential add-ons used for your blog

In SEO Studies we consider that a good online strategy should always take into account the creation and maintenance of a blog. A blog is a perfect tool to disseminate our knowledge of the sector, explain our products or services and explain how our company can help others. Within our online strategy, the blog will help us to strengthen our search engine positioning so we must keep it in mind.


The main nutrient of a blog are articles, to publish regularly is one of our obligations if we want our blog to fulfill its function. But not all articles, if we want that apart from running our blog is successful, we must take into account a series of indispensable complements that will facilitate the possibility of our blog become a success.

Complements to make your blog a success

RSS Feed:

To give our readers the possibility of subscribing to the news of our blog through an RSS feed is one of the most interesting options that we must take into account, we have to think that we have to facilitate the consumption of information to the reader and this Is one of the most interesting and widespread ways of doing so.

A newsletter for a blog? Yes, it is an excellent tool for loyalty, through a newsletter you can offer special content for your readers while also notifying you of the news on your blog, and the possibility of creating an e-mail database is really interesting to launch your business communications in case you are a company. Be careful with this and check what the LOPD says about it.

Social buttons:
No social buttons today your blog is nothing. A Twitter button so your readers can tweet your posts and give them a reprint and a Likes button to share your posts on Facebook are essential. If you want to include more social buttons like those of Google Plus or Pinterest or other social networks that you think may interest your readers will never be too much.

Widgets Social Networking Activity:
The widgets Twitter and Facebook are indispensable. It is very important that your readers see that you are in social networks so that you can follow and there to share your content to access your blog. With the Twitter and Facebook activity widgets they can see that you are active in social networks and will follow you, something fundamental today.

This we have left for the end because it seems very evident but there are still blogs that do not allow comments, in some cases it is understood by excess of trolls and other problems, but the best thing is to allow comments, one of the essences of the blog are the Comments, that the users share their opinions with us is fundamental so that we can know if we are doing it right or wrong.

We hope you liked this compilation of add-ons for your blog and we would like you to tell us what are the most interesting blog add-ons that exist today for you.

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