How to Open a Pet Store

How to Open a Pet Store

Build a pet store

Opening a pet store can be a great way to combine your love for pets with the start of a new business. However, as with any commercial operation, even a pet store requires a good dose of effort and attention, not only in management but also in the preparatory phase, that is why in this article I will try to detail things more Important to keep in mind if you really want to pursue this type of adventure.

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Build a pet or animal store

Starting a pet store:

The first step to start any point of sale is the development of a business plan. This study will allow us to understand the true potential of our business idea without taking reckless steps and avoiding excessive risks.

Location for a pet store:

Before renting or buying a place to open your pet store, it is essential to keep an eye on some points:

  • The property should be located at a point of easy access.
  • It is important to consider the type of competition present in the area and to make a thorough analysis of your potential customers. Knowing how many pets are in the area, and what type of customers your business will have.
  • It is essential that there is a sufficient flow of people, (city between 20,000 and 50,000 inhabitants).
  • The size of the premises cannot be less than 40 square meters. And if you sell other items, like drugs, etc. Not less than 60 square meters.
  • The establishment must have at least four rooms: a room for the bathroom, one for the toilet, the care, the stock, and the reception.

Products to sell at a pet store:

These activities may be alternative or complementary to each other, each of which has specific treatment legislation and requires the presence of various professional and personal qualifications.

Sale of food and accessories for pets

  • Food for dogs and cats.
  • Diet foods and supplements.
  • Shampoo and brushes.
  • Beds and pillows for pets.
  • Straps and toys.
  • Cages and aviaries.
  • Kennels
  • Cots and covers.
  • Muzzles
  • Food and accessories for rodents.
  • Pet Medications

Inside a pet store you can also sell some medications. Generally, the drugs that are sold are pesticides and pesticides (in some cities a specific authorization is required).

Medicines represent a very profitable segment in this type of activity, although the ones that can be sold are only those that do not require a prescription from the vet.

Build a pet or animal store

Sale of live pets:

Among the pets you can sell are: dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, etc.

We recommend that you always bet on quality products, which owners and even pets will surely appreciate.

Pet Shop Staff:

  • The presence of a veterinarian in pet stores is not only a matter of common sense, but also a necessity guaranteed by law and, therefore, if your goal is to open an pets store, have a responsible professional in the Place is fundamental.
  • In addition, finding people who are experienced in bathing and grooming pets is also a special requirement, the more experience they have, the less likely they are to have accidents with canine and feline clients.
  • While it may seem obvious or even unimportant, choosing an educated and dependable person to work in the reception of your pet store is also very important.

Train customer:

It is important that you inform clients about the responsibility and commitment associated with having to care for a pet at home.

The pet must be treated in the best way and therefore it is necessary that those who buy take into account this concept.

Open an online pet store:

It is also possible to sell pet products and services directly online. There are many companies that have a headquarters, but that carry out most of their businesses taking advantage of the internet.

A website allows you to reach a very broad clientele, and reduce staff costs and overall business, while an easier and faster sale will allow you to significantly reduce the opening hours of your pet store.

Build a pet or animal store

Tips for opening a pet store:

  1. Visit similar establishments, talk to people who have been in the business for some time, read specific publications, consult organizations or trade unions, they will surely have important information, which can help you a lot in your pet business.
  2. The trade in live pets poses some risks, mainly related to mortality. It is essential that the site is always clean in order to prevent disease. (You must know the regulations on the sale of pets in your city of origin).
  3. It is important to fully enjoy dealing with pets and knowing very well the characteristics of each species and breed. In addition, you should know the best way to treat them, as well as the most suitable products for each case.

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