7 Basic tips to write a good post

7 Basic tips to write a good post

Writing a good post is achieved by writing. It may seem the most obvious answer to the title of the post. I think the way we write a post is part of the experience we get as bloggers. Here are those basic tips for beginners.

We do not write the same way in the hundredth post compared to the first. Sometimes the simplest questions are the most difficult to answer. Even so, I will try to give an answer to the not so easy question “How do you write a good post?”

Here we give 7 tips to write a good post for your blog

1. Speak the language of your readers :

good postI do not mean so much the mother tongue but the use of terms, expressions and language of your target audience. An example is the web 2.0 language.

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2. A simple structure :

Most people in your blog will “scan” your article . To facilitate quick reading, you must work with ladillos and make use of photos or images in your post .

3. Talk about what you know :

A post written in the first person creates more confidence because we write about things that we have lived. The quality is usually better because we share real experiences.

4. Better a short post than a long one :

good postYou have to get a few words to explain what you want to present . If this is not possible, create series of posts that at the same time are a good strategy to build loyalty among your blog’s audience .

5. Work with examples :

If you say something you can contrast your arguments with cases of success (or failure). The examples give a lot of life to the information we want to expose.

6. Put links to deepen topics :

good postIn a short post, you can not expose everything in detail. Look for links to good posts that explain the topics in detail that you mention briefly.

7. Dare to talk about basic things :

In my experience, the most successful posts have been those that speak only of common sense. The American star blogger Darren Rowse has had the most success with an article describing how to hold a camera.

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What are your tips for writing a good post?


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