Deliveroo to provide virtual restaurant concept service

Deliveroo to provide virtual restaurant concept service

Food delivery giant Deliveroo recently revealed plans to create a virtual restaurant concept intended to help restaurants test new brands on the market. Deliveroo says it aims to help its restaurant partners to grow their customer bases and build up their revenue by offering an expanded online delivery service.

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Deliveroo will assist restaurants wanting to build delivery-only brands and will help them to test out their new concepts without the requirement of a traditional bricks and mortar restaurant.

Deliveroo CEO and founder Will Shu was recently in the news when it was revealed that he still helps out with deliveries in his Notting Hill neighbourhood from time to time. Shu explains that virtual restaurants will mean a greater choice of good food for customers. The idea is to help restaurants to create new brands from within their existing kitchens to boost revenue and explore exciting new ideas without needing to invest in expensive new business premises.

Deliveroo Editions currently has over 50 virtual restaurant brands, with another 10 set to appear in the UK in 2018. Figures show that many of the restaurants that launched new virtual brands have experienced a revenue increase in excess of 70 per cent.

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How it works

If an existing restaurant wants to set up a new virtual brand as a standalone part of its business, the new venture will appear as a separate entity on the Deliveroo platform. This offers customers more choice and enables the restaurant to trial new products or concepts in the marketplace without the often-prohibitive start-up costs of a new business. If firms need new commercial catering equipment for their new concept from specialists such as such as, this could simply be installed into their existing kitchen. There will be no need to set up an entire new physical restaurant.

Deliveroo will use its extensive knowledge and experience of the restaurant market to help businesses expand their delivery offerings and will support brands as they explore new concepts and options.

Existing virtual restaurants

The virtual restaurant concept has already been a success for some firms; for example, Texas Joe’s – a barbecue specialist based in Bermondsey – launched a virtual Mexican-themed brand, Queso Dillo, while Brighton-based sushi restaurant Moshimo has built two separate virtual brands: Poke by Moshimo and Moshimo Vegan.


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