Clever Ways to Use Print to Promote your Blog or Business

Clever Ways to Use Print to Promote your Blog or Business

Many people own or contribute to a blog, and many more are setting up new blogs every day. Those of you that currently own or contribute to a blog will already understand how difficult it is to get traffic through to your new website. Lots of blogs start out by using paid ads to help promote their blog, but this is an expensive way to do it, and you’re faced with a lot of competition who probably have bigger budgets than you – especially if you’re a new blog.

Print marketing makes a cheaper way to market your blog when compared to the more popular digital methods of marketing which people tend to opt for today, and it can produce just as fantastic results. If you get creative with the ways you distribute your materials, and you ensure that you’re targeting the right people with your printed materials, then you could see a huge return on your investment.

To get good results from your printed materials, they need to be incredibly well designed; they need to grab the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse, and they need to be memorable. If your designs can’t do this, then they are not going to bring the results you’re looking for.

In order to help get you started in the right direction, I’ve found some incredible examples of printed marketing materials which have been designed to promote personal or business blogs. These example should serve as inspiration to help you in coming up with your own ideas to advertise your blog.

Once you’ve finished designing your materials you will be looking for a company to print them. I recommend NextDayFlyers, they offer a huge range of products including flyers, business cards, brochures, custom postcards and lots more, click here to visit their website and have a look for yourself.

NextDayFlyers are always my first choice for printing; they have a strict quality check on all of their orders to ensure that all of your materials come out free of print errors such as margin errors. On top of that they offer next day delivery, and even the option to collect your order on the very same day as long as you place your order early enough!


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