Do solar panels increase your home’s value?

Do solar panels increase your home’s value?

Solar panels have become increasingly popular in the UK, with homeowners looking to cut the cost of rising energy bills, boost their energy efficiency profile, and – of course – support a greener future. Whether you are a homeowner thinking about making the switch to sustainable solar or have already gone ahead with your solar panel installation, you may be wondering how solar panels might impact the value of your property.

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Financial incentives and perceived value

Solar panels can be a savvy investment. You will save on your energy bills and enjoy potential incentives, such as tax rebates and credits; what’s more, you can store any extra energy your panels generate and sell it back to the grid, boosting your savings even more.

The perceived value of your home may increase when you complete your solar panel installation, with many buyers looking for energy-saving benefits, a financial boost, and an eco-friendly environment. For those seeking solar panel installation Bristol and the surrounding area, companies such as offer solutions.

An increase in value

Installing solar panels may not only help your property sell more quickly but also, according to a recent study by Zillow, your property may sell for around four per cent more than competing properties without solar panels. Studies also reveal that almost 80 per cent of those surveyed said they would be interested in purchasing a property with an existing solar panel installation, giving your property a stand-out selling point in today’s market.

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The solar switch

Making a switch to solar is becoming much more affordable for the average homeowner; what’s more, it is becoming easier. You won’t typically need planning permission and a standard installation is a reasonably quick process, making the solar switch a game changer for every homeowner.


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