The main benefits of knitting

The main benefits of knitting

From increased cognitive skills to relaxation, we delve into the main benefits of knitting.

Brain Power

Numerous studies have proved that knitters have, on average, better cognitive skills than non-knitters. Knitting takes time to learn, and that’s because it’s not easy. The process of learning expands your brain power, and then as you progress to more complex designs, more neurons start connecting.

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Calming Effect

Any knitter will tell you it helps them feel more relaxed. But this isn’t just anecdotal. Evidence from a 2007 Harvard Medical School study, found that knitting reduces both heart rate and blood pressure.

Social Activity

Knitting can be a social activity if you want it to be. Many knitters enjoy being part of a knitting group, whether it’s just two or three friends getting together or a larger local group. You don’t even have to physically attend as there are plenty of online forums and chat groups where you can share tips and stories.

Low Cost

The cost of wool is relatively cheap, certainly in comparison to hobbies that require sporting equipment, specialist clothing or membership fees. But learning to knit can also save you money as instead of buying a new baby, Christmas or birthday gift, you can just knit your loved ones a scarf, jumper or blanket.

How to get started

If these benefits appeal but you don’t know where to start, head over to a specialist site such as where you’ll find a wide choice of knitting kit options, perfect for beginners. Or find a local knitting group. They are typically friendly and inclusive, and welcome people at every stage of their knitting development.

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Knitting offers many benefits, both physical and mental, as well as being a low-cost activity. And the best thing is, it’s never too late to learn!


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