How many types of bay windows are there?

How many types of bay windows are there?

Bay windows are on many a house hunter’s wish list. This is no surprise thanks to their ability to introduce floods of light into a home, give more floor space and add charming architectural character, even to new properties.

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Those considering replacing their windows Stroud should consider adding a bay window to their property. This is because it can potentially add value to a home, as long as it harmonises well with the property and is fitted correctly by a reputable specialist such as

What is a bay window?

A bay window is a window that projects outward from the main walls of a building, forming an added space or ‘bay’ in a room. The bay is commonly used as extra floor space, a window seat or, in large bay windows, even an entire seating area.

Traditional Bay

This is the most common bay window and consists of three panes of glass, normally with a larger pane in the middle. It is also called a ‘canted’ bay window and is common in Victorian and Edwardian homes.

Box Bay

A box bay window is similar to a traditional or canted bay, except instead of the two smaller side panels being at 45-degree angles, they are at 90 degrees. These bay windows are slightly more unusual but can have a stunning visual effect on a home. They particularly look great in kitchens.

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Oriel Window

An oriel window can add stunning architectural detail to the outside of a property, as well as the inside. These windows are supported by cantilever-type brackets, with only the window protruding from the building. They can add an ornate touch to a property without taking up much space.


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