Hamilton Criticises F1 over Lack of Diversity

Hamilton Criticises F1 over Lack of Diversity

Formula One has come under fire for not doing more to encourage people from more diverse backgrounds into the competition. Lewis Hamilton spoke out in a video on Instagram, saying that there is hardly any diversity and nothing has changed in the 11 years he has been involved in F1. He said there are so many jobs in F1 that anyone, regardless of their background or ethnicity, can fit in and become involved. The four-time world champion is still the only driver who is black in F1.

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Knocking Down Walls

Previously, Hamilton has said he would like to see more non-white F1 drivers and that he is proud to have helped the sport be more diverse. He said that people from many different cultures and nationalities, including Asian families, Mexican families and black families, come up to him and tell him that their children want to be like you. Hamilton said that people from those places were not there when he started racing. He said he is proud to have knocked down walls that others can come through.

He is also warning his competitors that he’s aiming for the number one spot once again and aims to be the third person to win the F1 championship more than four times. Along with his fans, Hamilton is hoping he has not yet reached his peak, and he is certainly the favourite to win the title.

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See Hamilton Make History

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