How small businesses can benefit from VoIP

How small businesses can benefit from VoIP

Over the last few years, VoIP software has really come of age. The costs involved in running a business using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) are significantly lower, compared to traditional telephone lines . The cost per user is vastly more economical and the support in place is usually far more advanced than with conventional phone lines.

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Economical and secure

As with any service, there are varying levels to choose from to suit any specific business. The most common package for the majority of businesses would be a cloud-based scheme. These services would be provided by any international VoIP wholesale provider and are often the most cost-effective.

Security is obviously also a key issue for any business, and VoIP is making huge strides in becoming increasingly protected. The VoIP group ITSPA (Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association), for example, is keen to stress to its members the importance of having encryption enabled on their services.

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Making the switch over

Converting from traditional phone lines to a VoIP system could not be easier for small businesses in the digital age. All that is needed is an internet connection and a contract with a well established provider, such as – this digital telecoms company will get you set up in no time at all. Then it’s just a case of getting your employees up to speed with the new technology. There may be a short period while some become accustomed to the changes, but once settled, the business will be much better off. Features such as conference calls and voicemail are standard and the tools for measuring the ever important metrics and KPIs are all easily accessed via the provider’s portal.

A system that expands with you

Other than the great savings that companies will find on call charges, another huge bonus comes with the savings in hardware costs. Rather than line rental, hardware costs and call charges associated with landlines, VoIP providers will simply charge a flat fee that covers everything. Where VoIP really comes into its own though, is scalability. New employees no longer mean incurring further costs in extra line rentals – they are simply added to the system. With the huge improvements in call quality and the drop in prices, VoIP is today very much as essential part of any small business.


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