Invest in yourself

Recent research scientists show that more people are in employment do not think about the prestige of the company and the position that they can take, and that they will stay in the organization in terms of pensions.

Yes, everyone is interested with what they eventually will, devoting most of his life work. And this is the right strategic approach, because the looming prospect of a pauper old pales and position, and a beautiful secretary, and an expensive leather chair.

But there are among us and the advanced guys who think not only about how they would secure a solid pension, and how early it go.

Just imagine being away from the bustle of big cities and do not need to hurry, just nezhishsya sunlight to warm the islands, such as the Seychelles, swing in a hammock, sipping a cool mojito and think about eternity … Nice dream, is not it? Agree to have a chance to plunge into the sweet life should be everyone!

Now let’s see who starts invests. In this case, had agreed beforehand that we are referring only to invest in securities.

Those who have inherited a decent fortune of the late millionaire uncle, already receive factories, plantations and factories, so our group are not included. Moving on.

Children of wealthy parents – in most cases they do not necessarily invest their task to maintain the family business and save what was acquired, although it is not at all impossible.

By the way, the inheritance – the most popular way to become a millionaire in England, where he lives about 15% of millionaires, 68% of whom received their state is on parents. These lucky people do, as a rule, so that they spend plenty of that earned by their parents, so they are also not part of our group.

On turn married / married to the wealthy – very busy people, they have to always be in shape and watch then, so no one can take them wealthy mate. So they also invest once they spend on it to continually improve its appearance and inner peace. How else, after all Rich husband quickly find a someone younger, prettier and perhaps more interesting.

Who begins to engage in investing? They are the ones who could not be born in a wealthy family, married a wealthy man and could not inherit any conditions.

So people do not have anything other than the will gather into a fist, tighten the belt and start your own battle for the capital. It was at this point, a reasonable person in the head comes the same perennial question: how can you get rich without breaking the law, having a small amount of savings, a modest profession and a strong desire to live better than they do now?

So you can go on a treasure hunt, has to understand that these adventures takes no little time, but the chances that you will find something worthwhile, you know, small.

You can also try to organize their work, but for that you need to start-up capital, and decent. Incidentally, this is a favorite get-rich-American.

About 30% of Americans are self-employed: highly qualified specialists in fields such as medicine, finance, law – open your own business, and their income is about $ 230,000 a year, and on the investment of this amount is spent between 20% and 50%. That’s why Americans every year it becomes more and more millionaires!

Here is what says about Paul Getty , American industrialist and one of the first in the history of millionaires: “Virtually the only way to make really big money – is to open a business. You will never get a lot of working for someone else. Find your “niche”, and produces a product that people need, but they can not buy or take out with great difficulty. ”

But in order to engage in investment, you need much less seed money, with which you can quickly make a fortune without doing business. That’s why investing begin to engage those who have no other starting opportunities to get rich. But, these people, with their persistence, reach great results.

Stavros Niarchos , the Greek tycoon owner, collector of collections of paintings, said: “Millionaires know the value of money and holding onto them with both hands. All greedy millionaires. It’s part of their thinking. ”

Therefore, if you have a very prestigious job, you’re not married / not married to a millionaire, you do not have rich relatives, it is said that you born investor! Indeed, awareness of these circumstances have a reason to, as quickly as possible to do the investment.


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