Marketing, Technology and Small Times of Vulnerability

Marketing, Technology and Small Times of Vulnerability

The spirit of this article is not provocative but realistic. Without wanting to be extremists, I’m saying that content marketing is losing some of its importance. Communication is becoming less content-centric and the care, management and strategic planning of the thing-say, the founding elements and constituents of any strategy are slowly falling apart, to give way to when-say.

Consumers, in fact, are at war with communication and undergo unremedious and unsustainable bombardment of stimuli, messages, inputs, so frequent and asphyxiating that consumers themselves have built indifference walls, so thick that the costs to puncture them have become Companies that are difficult to support and justify.

There are, however, moments, moments, circumstances in which people, protected by this aseptic indifference and lack of receptivity, lower their guard, remove barriers, and open to listening. Small moments of vulnerability.

Understanding when this happens is the most important thing to be successful with any marketing and communication strategy. The real problem, though, is that planning this is a chimera.

So? As often happens, changing the point of view is the solution. As long as the brands are believed to be able to (and therefore invest in) to be able to handle the dialogue / purchase flows, there will never be winning strategies.

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Instead, you have to enter the order of ideas that is the consumer who chooses to lower the thresholds of protection and accepts to listen to what we have to say. Why does he do it? Because we hit him with an advert because he heard from a friend because he read about us on a Facebook post because he was hit by a light in a showcase or a product in a shelf because they are years old who hears about us or because he has just heard about it.

In short, if a brand moves well, the moment when the consumer agrees to listen to it, sooner or later comes. It lasts a bit, but it’s all or nothing of a brand. And there, a brand has to go to the cashier, capitalizing on all the efforts made so far. Simply, a brand cannot miss the appointment with the customer, it may not be there. Then, naturally, it must show the party’s dress: a nice stimulating and interesting content (a coupon in a store that comes through push on smartphones just as the user is looking at the product on the shelf, by means of proximity marketing, for example) an unexpected, surprising, memorable way (another example: a creative message on a screen addressed to the user, thanks to the digital sign). Message, Lead, Opportunity, Sales. These are my four words, strictly arranged in order of occurrence and propaedeutic to each other.

However, this process is inexorably a matter of course: marketing and communication are becoming technology and innovation. The investments of a company must be focused first and foremost on tools that optimize this flow and manage customer experience. Marketing and technology, information technology (and its development) have become inseparable and are no longer a management company’s business area. It is the strategic use of the possibilities that gives me the development of technology that allows me to arrive on my appointment with the user; is the analysis of the analytical data that offers me the technology that allows me to not miss the small moment of vulnerability described above; are the opportunities offered by technology that tell me how, when, where, to whom, what to communicate.

Of course, the data and the tools are silent: the difference, fortunately, is still (and even more) the brains of the marketers, who have to understand what technology to draw (and which tool to implement), among those put on the plate by Magnum sea of possibilities offered by the most computerized era ever.

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A.H. Sagar is Operations Manager at CYONWO and author of Local Advertising Journal. A.H. has more than 6+ years of experience in digital marketing. His expertise helps him to be a professional blogger and he loves to share his ideas, tips, tricks and information with blogging.


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