How to set up an ice cream shop step by step

How to set up an ice cream shop step by step

To cool off in summer, few things are as delicious as a good ice cream. How about seizing the opportunity to start? Riding a successful ice cream shop can give you good profits and a more comfortable life.

Tips for setting up an ice cream shop

Before undertaking, it is essential to know some particularities of the market to increase the chances of success.

1. Choice of the segmentice cream shop

To begin, you have several possibilities. You can invest in gourmet, healthy or artisanal ice cream, for example. It is advisable to offer other products as well, such as milkshakes, coffees, and sweets.

Try to find a unique feature for your ice cream parlor, in order to offer something new to consumers. Invests in the quality of the ice cream and in the attention, this will increase the chances of success of your venture.

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2. Buy ice cream

You must define if you will make the ice cream in the ice cream parlor or if you will buy it from suppliers. Defining this is essential to plan the space, investments, and staff of the ice cream shop.

3. Locationice cream shop

Establishing a good location for the ice cream shop is crucial to attracting customers. You should consider the characteristics of the people who circulate in the region where you intend to install the business. Analyze age, purchasing power, and consumption habits.

The ideal is to choose a place where there is a great movement of people, such as near restaurants, schools, and shopping centers. You can also open the ice cream parlor in the food court of a shopping center.

4. Structure and equipment

For the success of your ice cream shop, you must make a budget for the entire structure and facilities of the establishment. That list includes freezers, plastic containers, blender for milk-shake, scales and kitchen utensils. If you’re going to make the ice cream, you’ll also need a semi-industrial kitchen, blenders and industrial blenders.

It also includes tables, chairs and a service desk, in addition to all the decoration of the ice cream shop, with which you must create a pleasant atmosphere, even if space is small. You can also add ice cream vending machines.

5. Teamice cream shop

The number of employees will depend on the type of ice cream shop. The smallest can have two employees, one for the cashier and the other for serving customers.

If you choose to make the ice cream, you will need more staff. In addition to a nutritionist, you must hire operators for production and an expert for manufacturing. Invest in employee training.

6. Business plan

After defining all the preceding points, it is time to put everything on paper to prepare the business plan, a document that must contain all the details of what your company will be to analyze if the project is viable.

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