10 Profitable small business ideas to earn money at Christmas

10 Profitable small business ideas to earn money at Christmas

Christmas is probably the date with the most commercial activity of the year, and therefore, where more money moves from one pocket to another. Needless to say, the idea is to generate a profitable small business or a source of income to earn extra money at Christmas holidays. And nothing better than to anticipate, in this way, with time, to organize ourselves.

We always advise not to spend money like crazy, but as almost nobody listens to us, then for those good listeners of an entrepreneurial nature, let’s see some simple ways to earn money at Christmas.

Some profitable small business ideas to make money at Christmas

Some will be easier to execute and others more complicated, but if you have ever wondered how to make money at Christmas, you can start with these profitable small business ideas, because they are all viable.

1. Organization of parties for people who are alone

profitable small business

Unfortunately, Christmas is a date where it seems that you have to celebrate everything with your family, and there are people who for various reasons can not. From young people who are far from home to seniors. Why not create a small party or a big celebration party so that these people do not spend Christmas alone? Not only can it be a very profitable small business, but we would also be doing social work that these people would appreciate.

2. Low-cost Christmas decoration for individuals and businesses

A good profitable small business idea to get extra money on these dates is to offer you to decorate homes and offices at low prices. Sometimes it is enough with several ads in the classified section of your city to publicize your service. The theme of offering your decoration service including the decorative material or billing it separately is something that you must study yourself. If you do not have enough money and you want to start low investment business here we give 5 ideas here!!

3. Personal Shopper

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A personal shopper can really have business all year, especially if it is focused on a more select customer, although as we have said on other occasions, this profession may be somewhat more limited in a country like Spain. However, in the Christmas season, it can be profitable and demanded, and perhaps create a good image for the rest of the year.

A personal shopper is someone who buys for someone else. That’s how simple the explanation is. If you are good at shopping and saving money, then this business could be for you.

Many people are going to be busy, and if they trust a person, they could entrust this task that is not always liked by everyone.

4. Make a calendar and sell it

This profitable small business idea has proven to be very profitable over time, especially if you have the ability, contacts, good taste and something original, innovative or fun to put on that calendar. By the way, if you collaborate and allocate part of the money to a social cause, you will be giving a reason to buy that calendar, taking into account that at Christmas, people are usually more predisposed to collaborate with certain causes.

When we talk about calendars, we usually think of the idea of ​​making one with light women’s clothing, but I think if you have more imagination, you could do much better, either by putting 12 people you admire in your city, 12 messages with images (one for each month of the year), or 12 landscapes or monuments of the city. Nor do we forget the usefulness of the calendar as such.

5. Professional freelance

On these dates, work accumulates and hurry to close the year. But companies have half-staff. Therefore, the demand for professionals to perform specific tasks grows considerably. If you have a skill, there are many portals where you can have a quick cash on these dates.

Here are some portals for a freelance to earn some money at Christmas:

Infojobs Freelance: effectively the largest employment portal in Spain decided to open a specific section for Freelance.

  • Freelancer
  • com
  • Working Freelance

6. Virtual assistant

profitable small business

Undoubtedly, the best date to launch your virtual assistance business is Christmas, where some companies outsource their services, which can range from call diversion, gift collection, a search of premises for business meals. Even at this time, a virtual assistant can end up becoming a personal shopper.

7. Take care of a pet

Both Christmas and Summer, there are trips, and sometimes, our pets can not travel with us, so I began to see ads in which some people took care of the cat or dog during the Christmas season, offering a warm home for the animal and a care as they deserve. While we are not talking about the business of the century, it may come well to earn extra money, especially if you really like animals. As the owner of a pet, the truth is that I would be calmer if my pet is safe with a family that I know will take care of me.

8. Edition of Christmas videos for companies and families

This profitable small business idea could be very striking for those families that this Christmas would like to have a special memory or an original end-of-year message. Also for companies, many of them may prefer to make an original Christmas video on these dates to upload it to social networks and wish them a Merry Christmas to their customers or fans. So if you’re good with photography and video editing, you could earn some money with this idea.

9. Personal concierge

profitable small business

On these dates where everyone is going to be very busy, maybe it is not a bad idea to announce to offer you when it comes to helping others with certain messages, whether we talk about making food purchases, get a special gift or anything that they can sue you.

10. A dispatcher for surfaces

In these dates, before the increase of online purchases or physical stores, some companies subcontract delivery services to self-employed.

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Happy Christmas day!!


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