Do you want to invest in binary options? 5 best tips

Do you want to invest in binary options? 5 best tips

Do you learn how to invest in Binary options? There are many opportunities in which I have referred to this great system to make money online from home, binary options are a practical, profitable, real and easy to make money by investing wisely. In this post I want to discuss everything about this method, from the very meaning of the word, how to operate, what are the best brokers, what methods to use, strategies, opinions and much more, I do it so that all people who want to start investing in this system you are totally convinced that this is a method with which you can get to earn a lot of money .

So to invest in binary options what you really have to ask yourself is if you are willing to spend 4 hours a day of your time if you do not mind getting less than $ 14,000 a month and if you are a person willing to turn this into one more source from income.

If your answer is yes, here I will show you how to achieve it through these five steps.

How to invest in binary options: 5 basic tips

There are different tactics to avoid losing money, optimize your profits, and get to win binary options.

But to achieve this, the first thing you must keep in mind is that you will need a good training and some steps to follow so you do not get carried away by your emotions when making a decision.

Learning to invest in binary options is not easy, but it can be achieved with effort and time, it is not impossible.

That’s why I want to show you here the 5 tips that I followed, and that will help you to venture into this market if you put them into practice.

1. Think about the level of risk you are willing to accept

In binary options, the level of risk that you are willing to assume can only be decided by you, nobody else.

Therefore, before you even think about what you are going to invest, you should reflect on how much you are willing to risk.

It is important that you know how to find a good balance between the risk you are willing to take, and the benefit you can get with an operation.

If for example, you want to get $ 200 by first investing only $ 100, you have to assume that you may not get that amount and that you can lose that $ 100.

To invest in binary options, the first thing to avoid is the rush; if you are impatient, the only thing you will achieve is to risk too much to accelerate your benefits, and so I can assure you that the only thing you will achieve is to waste your money.

A person who has a salary of $ 4,000 a month might not mind risking $ 300 in a single operation.

But and you? Do you need that $ 300 to pay bills for your home, to eat, or take your children to the doctor?

With this, what I want to tell you is that from the first moment you have to be clear about how much money you can risk investing in the stock market, and how much you can not afford to waste with an operation.

Remember that when you invest, you also run the risk of losing your money. We are again to remain you learn binary investment before you invest.

2. Use ONLY trusted platforms

It will not help you to follow all the advice I give you here is to invest you choose a bad broker that is not safe.

Never use the first platform that you find on the Internet. Use those that show you their transparency when working and give you security as a client that you will be theirs.

One of the brokers that I have tried is Anyoption, but I did not like the way they work: the minimum to invest with them is $ 250 (too much money), and the costs they charge in commissions are very high as well.

The platform that I continue to use today for all the advantages and the confidence it gives me is IQ Option.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, and that’s why I recommend you start at only $ 10.

3. Plan the patterns you will follow

Once you are registered with a trusted broker, it is very important to plan well what your investment patterns will be.

You can not go crazy and start investing in the first asset you see, or not knowing what you are going to do when you have chosen an operation.

You must be very clear when you are going to sell when you are going to buy, and how long you will keep that asset.

I know that at first, this may be difficult because, if you are the same as I was a few years ago, chances are you know very little about these terms and operations.

Therefore, before investing, you must inform yourself well and learn everything you can about binary options.

Learning to operate with binary options is not easy, but on the IQ Option page you will find many materials that will help you with this, such as:

Video tutorials to learn how to interpret the graphs, the different patterns that exist, how to configure your trading screen …

The assets they offer and what has been their evolution in the market in recent days

And a free account to practice your investments with which you can see which patterns work best for you.

General Risk Warning:

Product difficult to understand, the CNMV has determined that it is not suitable for small investors, due to the complexity and high risk involved. My readers are the most important thing in the world to me, and I do not want them to spend money they do not have.

4. Test your trading plan

Perhaps the best advice that my friend gave me – and for which I will always be grateful – was this: to do tests with the bosses I had organized for my operations, and to write down all the results in a notebook dedicated only to my investments.

Every time I do an operation, I write in my notebook everything that can help me for the next time: the asset in which I am going to invest, the time, the pattern that I have followed, the amount invested, and of course, the result.

In this way, I have always been able to see at a glance what investments have gone wrong for me, and in which I have been successful.

And in those that I have not achieved the results that I expected, I have been given information about what my mistake was so I could modify it in the next operation where I invested.

So do the same, and have a notebook just to write down your investments, and thus be able to correct the mistakes you make.

A good idea is to start practicing with the IQ Option demo account for a few days or a couple of weeks so that, when you go to operate in a real way, you already have some patterns that work for you and that you can use successfully.

In the following article, you have a step by step guide in which I show you how to open a demo account and how to use it: How to open a demo account to invest in binary options.

5. Control your emotions

Although this advice I have left for the end, perhaps the most important of all. To invest in binary options it is very important that you know how to control your emotions well.

In the bag, you have to control the temptation and ambition, and above all dominate your emotions to not get out of the plan you have created.

Investing in binary options is possible, but you must be constant and follow the five steps above exactly. Only then can you obtain recurring benefits that will allow you to make this method a new source of income for you.


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