Online marketing strategies to grow your profitable business

Online marketing strategies to grow your profitable business

Today we bring to the blog an article that may interest you because it talks about online marketing for your profitable business and you can also sign up for an event organized by Doppler to celebrate its 12th anniversary. I hope you like it and that it helps you.

If we talk about successful companies, they all have something in common: none of them would be sustainable in time without a market that demands their products or services.

No matter how incredible, polished or cared for are the tangible or intangible ones that are offered, all efforts would be in vain without achieving sales income that exceeds the costs, thus achieving a desired profitability.

Do you have a profitable business, do you work in one or do you plan to start on the path of entrepreneurship? Then we invite you to take a tour of some of the most important Marketing Strategies so that your sales increase at the lowest cost.

Content Marketing

We live in a hyper connected context thanks to the internet and mobile devices, where users create, interact, share and react to the content shared day by day on different platforms.

For consumers, these are a simple form of entertainment in formats of articles, photos, videos, and even raffles. But for companies, the secret is that it is a means to connect with your target audience and motivate them towards the final purchase decision.

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This is why generating content must be a strategic action and not left to chance at all.

Define clear objectives, identifying the target audience, detecting which are the value proposals and selecting the appropriate channels (Social Networks, Blogs, etc.) are the key to then begin to shape the creations that we will share. All of these depend on who we believe will potentially buy the products or services we offer.

The main advantage of this type of strategy is the great reach and influence that you can achieve without incurring great costs. Remember that where information abounds, attention becomes selective. Focus on building what attracts attention and attracts a larger audience that values ​​your profitable business.

If you decide on a Blog, for example, do not publish any content. Always think about adding value! Do you have any secret that improves your sales? Do not keep it, on the contrary, it is the best opportunity to provide value and instantly become an authority in the eyes of your audience and potential customers.

Advertising in Social Networks and Adwords

Advertising the actions of Marketing is one of the most recurrent ways when it comes to amplifying your Return on Investment. Unlike traditional advertising, Social Networks allow you to contact specific audiences without incurring large costs.

Specificity is the main advantage, where tools such as Adwords, Facebook Lead Ads or Twitter Cards present the offer, advertisement or product to the target audience for which you have devised your action.

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Another advantage is that it is easy to control the segmentation variables by selecting the criteria that correspond to the segment you are targeting, for example, age range and geographic location. In addition, you can review the results of your investment through metrics such as a number of clicks and impressions. You know why your business growing in social networks?

The key?

Select these criteria carefully and prioritize channels where your content does not achieve a great organic reach (connect naturally with the audience without the need to pay for advertising). Do not forget to make sure that the proposal of your ad will be valued by those who will visualize it in their preferred networks!

Retention Marketing

As we mentioned at the beginning, for a profitable business to be successful it must sustain its sales over time. The loyalty seeks to maintain the loyalty of existing customers. Who have chosen our brand instead of competition and that explain much of the income from the sale.

This is only a basic view of your target audience since behind it there is a great potential. First, the ability to recommend your brand.

profitable business

” Word of mouth ” is one of the most effective ways to spread a positive image that encourages others to make the decision to buy the products or services you offer.

Second, if there is something better than achieving a sale, it is to achieve two. And, on the contrary, if there is something worse than losing a sale, it is that the competition wins.

For these two reasons, it is essential that you apply loyalty strategies.


Do you want to spread the word and increase your visibility in social networks. And in your market without taking years? Then, undoubtedly, you should influence the influencers.

But the key is finding the right influencer. You do not have to go with influencers with millions of followers. You could opt for micro influencers with few followers, but the right ones for your profitable business.

The trick? Find the right influencer in your niche so that you address the right audience. It’s not just about spreading your message, it’s about getting your message to the right consumer base.

If you can do that correctly, then you are likely to reach a considerable audience for very little money.

Evaluate the situation, communicate with influential people and compare their prices. Do small tests and confirm what works.

Marketing and Email Automation

Part of any successful sales funnel will be the correct use of communications through email.

In addition to the well-known Email Marketing campaigns, automatic messages are very important today. That is, those that are sent to users once they subscribe to your list, perform some action or fulfill some special feature.

Use email to build a relationship with your client, be authentic and transparent.

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Use the answers and clicks of the email to segment your lists. For example, if someone clicks on a specific link, they have clearly shown interest in something. Tag that subscriber to offer that specific product later.

Let’s do it!

A great way to know which of these tactics is best suited to your business is through a consultant who analyzes your business to find your strengths & weaknesses and based on that create a plan that suits your market.

As we know that many businesses are just taking their first steps and hire a consultant or consult costs a lot of money, Doppler, Email Marketing platform decided to celebrate its 12th anniversary by helping businesses with completely free advice and based on the needs of each enterprise.

Next Wednesday, May 30, people from your team will help registered participants to implement improvements in various aspects related to your Digital Marketing strategy. The best thing is that it is a free and specific activity for each business, plus you can receive advice from wherever you are and by the means you choose.

It’s time to start using some of these techniques in your business. As you can see you have different options to grow your profitable business without the need to invest a lot of money.


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