Soft drinks can increase your profit

Soft drinks can increase your profit

Soft drinks are a popular choice with customers and if you have a draught soft drink supplier, you can supply all the top flavours such as cola and lemonade while enjoying an improved profit margin. With the right equipment, you can also offer a range of other cold drink options.  You should have garage shelving with your drinks that don’t need refrigeration and fridges providing colder temperatures that do.  For your shelving needs you could contact a garage shelving company at links such as garage shelving.  Here, we take a look at some easy and healthy drinks that are becoming increasingly popular.

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Fruit infused water

Fruit flavoured waters are everywhere. Shop versions are often laden with sugar and chemicals, but you can make your own that really does taste as good as it looks. Pour a jug of water and add slices of fruit and herbs and spices such as rosemary, fresh mint and cinnamon. You can even make alcoholic versions for tasty, on-trend cocktails.

Iced tea/coffee

Caffeine addicts can still get their fix. Transform their favourite brew into a refreshing drink by making a jug of iced tea or coffee. Use your favourite tea or coffee brand and whiz it up with ice. Add lemon slices for iced tea and a decadent swirl of cream for an iced frappuccino.

Home made juice

A glass of orange juice can boost alertness and concentration With fresh citrus fruit, it doesn’t take much to whiz up a refreshing glass of juice. It’s bursting with flavour and a great source of vitamin C.

Fruit Smoothies

Choosing healthier drinks is a key part of a balanced diet and when your prepare them in-house, you can control sugar levels and add extra fruit. Smoothies contain several different vitamins that are good for our health and a small glass counts as one of your recommended five daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

These tasty drinks are easy to make. But of course you will still need to offer traditional sodas.

And remember, cold drinks are not just for summer. Many people prefer a cold drink to a traditional hot tea or coffee all year round, particularly after exercising.

Water is essential, but soft drinks can also play a key role in helping to keep you hydrated. By choosing post-mix soft drinks you can afford to offer a wide variety to suit all tastes.


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