Maximise small office spaces

Maximise small office spaces

They say there are no small actors, only small parts and when it comes to your office space, there is actually no such thing as a small space. Your workspace can be a big office with a view or it could be a cubicle, and your work shouldn’t be affected by the limits of your office space. It can be challenging if you happen to have a lot of paperwork lying around, but organisation is key and being creative enough to maximise a small space is exactly what you need.

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Good things, small packages

Usually you have to understand the space you’re working in, as well as how many people and how much furniture you are trying to fit in it. The smaller your office, the more difficult it is to plan an alternate layout. All you will be able to see is the current layout and that can be hard. You can, of course, hire a planner to help you map the space you are working in. They can also offer a fresh pair of eyes on the office furniture layout you currently have. A lot of offices will now opt for a Fabric Roof as they are light, futuristic and flexible to what you need and easy to find with businesses including spatialstructures.  According to an article on the Huffington Post website, the happiness of your employees can be greatly affected by the space they have to work in. This can be difficult when planning an office full of people and needing to people please everyone. Psychologists and scientists have been studying this for a while, to understand how humans act and react in a small place.

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Understanding your office layout is the most basic step you can make when you plan out your work space. Check on the smaller changes you can make first, before making larger changes and ripping out desk space. Companies are available to help you plan out the type of workstations that would be appropriate for your office space, no matter how small. There are always ways around the space you have.

Look at the technology your office uses and work out how you can minimise that. Can you swap desktop stations for inbuilt screens or tablets? Can you employ a remote working environment and remove the physical people from your office? If that’s a possibility, then go for it. Your employees won’t complain and technology now allows this to happen!


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