Some fun facts about drains

Some fun facts about drains

Drains are an integral part of our society. After all, can you imagine living in a world without a sewage system?

As a result, not many people give the humble drain a second thought, apart from when it is causing issues. However, there is a whole world of magic going on at the other end of your plug-hole.
Fun facts about drains

Internet fibre-optic broadband is often installed via our sewers. It is a simple way to reach homes without disruptive building work.

The flushing toilet was invented in 1586 by Sir John Harington. It has since been refined and perfected into the style we know and love today.

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These days, the toilet serves another purpose too – as a common source for the wrong things to enter our sewer system.

Weirdest things found in drains

Due to their slippery nature, false teeth often end up in the toilet and find their way into the sewer system. In some cases, these can cause damage to the drain lining.

Fortunately, drain lining allows experts to repair the drain without replacement or removal. Specialists in drain lining Oldbury, such as, can fix damaged drains with this affordable and effective method.

For the same reason as false teeth, jewellery also ends up in the sewer system. From rings to luxury watches, all types of jewellery have been reported to turn up in the sewers.

Finally, animals frequently make an appearance in our drains, and not just goldfish. Ducks, dogs and cats have all accidentally found themselves in drains across the UK. Most of these occasions cause no harm to the animal.

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Next time you find yourself on the throne, spare a thought for the items your business might pass after you pull the chain.


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