How to maintain copper pipes

How to maintain copper pipes

Copper pipes have long been the preferred material for use in both domestic and commercial plumbing systems, as they are strong, durable, and reliable. To maintain their lifespan and ensure they are functioning optimally, it is essential to ensure regular maintenance takes place.

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Copper pipes should be inspected regularly for signs of corrosion, damage, or leaks. Discolouration could be a sign of a problem.

Pipes should be kept clean and clear, with blockages causing a build-up of pressure that can result in damage.

Copper pipes that are exposed to extreme temperatures should be insulated to prevent them from freezing and becoming damaged. There were over 103,000 insurance claims for burst pipes during the last big freeze in the UK, with poor insulation, a lack of insulation and thermostats being set too low being the top contributing factors.

Water pressure should be kept within the recommended range to prevent leaks and damage. A pressure monitor can be installed so that levels can be monitored, or a pressure regulator valve may be necessary when the recommended range is exceeded.

Any leaks should be addressed promptly, with even the smallest of leaks capable of causing extensive damage, costly bills and hefty repairs over the course of time.

Copper pipe supplies

Copper pipe in 15mm or 22mm sizes is most used in domestic settings, with a 28mm diameter pipe available for specialist or commercial projects. More information and a wide range of copper pipes and fittings is available from pipeline merchants such as

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A qualified plumber will be able to impart their skills and knowledge to ensure your system is free from faults and in good working order. They will also be fully aware of the relevant building controls and regulations, with compliance paramount for safety.


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