Tips for successful skip hire

Tips for successful skip hire

Big and Beautiful

The larger the skip is, the cheaper it will be to rent it per cubic yard/metre. If you have enough space and waste to fill the skip, it is usually more cost-effective to hire the largest available.

Don’t forget, the price will remain the same regardless of how full you make it. Don’t order a huge skip if you might end up paying for it to be filled with nothing!

Skip with your neighbours

Consider collaborating with your neighbours if you do not have enough trash to fill up a large skip. Saving money by ordering a large skip with your neighbours and sharing the cost is an excellent way to save. It also has the bonus of preventing them from filling up your skip overnight while you aren’t looking! For Swansea Skip Hire, visit

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Off road not on the road

You can save money by placing the skip in your yard or driveway. A skip permit is required by the council to place a skip in a public street. This can add up to £50 on the total hire price. If you want to place the skip in a controlled-parking zone, (i.e. Pay and Display or Resident Permit Areas will require you to pay a CPZ Suspension Fee which can add to the cost. (In some London Boroughs, this fee can exceed £100 for each day!)

Separate your waste

Standard skips are for “mixed general rubbish”. You can throw most things in a skip, except hazardous waste. Metal, inert waste, green waste, and cardboard are all bulky materials that can be recycled. They cost waste companies less (or they even make money) to dispose of once they’ve been separated. Many skip companies charge less when skips are only filled with recyclable materials. If you’ve got enough cardboard, paper, or inert waste to fill an entire skip, tell the skip company in advance.

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Do not overfill the container

It’s crucial to pay attention to the load level when filling a skip. You may be charged extra for any contents that are above the top of your skip or they could even be removed by the skip provider and left at your home. If you want to save money, only level loads will be accepted. The side of most skips is marked ‘level load only’. This is because if you go beyond this point, it can be dangerous to transport the waste as it could fall out and cause damage.


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