What are the Most Popular Home Improvements?

What are the Most Popular Home Improvements?

You may be considering some home improvements. Here are some tips on the most popular renovations in the UK. There is a current trend for improving, not moving. Here are some popular projects people do to increase the value of their property:

New Bathroom

The installation of a brand new bathroom is the most popular renovation project. In the past few years, 44% of homeowners have installed a new bathroom. Bathrooms are a key factor when people are buying a home. A fresh, white and clean bathroom suite is the best option.

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New Kitchen

The kitchen is another important selling point of a home. It is also the second most popular room to be renovated after the bathroom. The decor of a room that is heavily used can quickly become worn out. Replacing sinks, tiles and wallpaper, as well as units, will breathe new life into this room. You don’t have to remove all of the units if they are in good condition. Just replace the handles or doors if you want.

An Extension

It’s a more expensive and drastic option, but is often taken to increase the living space of a family that’s growing without having to move. You can extend over the garage, add a ground floor extension at the rear or to one side, depending on your space and planning permission. This category also includes conservatories. For Cheltenham House Extensions, contact https://baytreehomes.co.uk

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Conversion is an alternative to extending. Most people have a garage that can be converted into a second room downstairs or an attic or basement. Conversions can be cheaper and easier than extensions, whether you want an extra bedroom, playroom, bathroom, or home office.


Renovating the outdoor space is another popular project. A beautiful and well-planned garden can add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. A focal point such as a seating area, barbecue or special feature will help your home feel larger and create a flow from inside to outside. Landscape gardening doesn’t need to be done on a large scale, but adding attractive plants and painting fences are important.

Walls to be knocked down

In addition, knocking down interior walls that are not weight bearing is also a popular way to increase the size of a room. Repurposing an area can often change the flow and atmosphere of a house dramatically. By knocking through a wall between the kitchen and dining area, you can create an open space that is more social and allows for greater family interaction.


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