5 areas of opportunity you need to improve to increase the profitability of your business

5 areas of opportunity you need to improve to increase the profitability of your business

A rule of thumb in your business success is that you cannot increase profits directly, only indirectly. You cannot say that you are going to increase the profits of your business without a well specific and organized strategy. The only thing you can do to increase profits or sales is to improve the variables that ultimately determine the level of profitability of your product or service.

So today we share five areas of opportunity about your business that you must improve to increase profits and positively affect your profitability.

5 areas of opportunity you need to improve to increase the profitability of your business

Conversion of Leads:

Improving your ability to sell and convert prospects interested in paying customers is one of the most important things you can do. This is the measure of the effectiveness of your sales efforts. If you can increase your conversion rate from one in ten to two out of ten, you can double your sales and increase profits. Look at each key result area in your sales process and look for ways to improve a little in each area. A small improvement can lead to a huge improvement in overall sales results.

Number of transactions:

By this I mean the numbers of individual sales that you make to each customer you buy. By increasing your purchase frequency by ten percent, you will increase your sales and profits by the same percentage. ? What are some of the things you could do to make your customers buy more and more often?

Profit margin per sale:

The profit margin refers to the gross profit that you earn from the sale of each product or service. By continually seeking ways to raise the price or reduce the cost of the product without this decreasing the quality, this would increase the profits per sale.

Increase customer referrals:

Customers who come to your business as a result of referrals from your satisfied customers. Develop one or more proven reference systems for your business, this will cause an excessive impact on sales and your business will earn a lot more money.

Reduce your breakeven number:

The break even number is the number of items you must sell each month to start making profits or profits. Use this break-even to evaluate the potential effectiveness of any advertising or any other expense you incur in increasing sales. Each expense to increase profits should be considered as an investment with an expected rate of return greater than the cost.

When you put into practice continuous improvement in all these areas of your business, you will earn more money, increase the profits in your business and you will ensure your financial success.

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