Avoid these 5 errors of e-commerce business

Avoid these 5 errors of e-commerce business

With so many affordable, affordable and customizable platforms, it has never been easier to create an e-commerce business or even sell through established markets like eBay and Amazon, however it is easy to overlook important details that help sustain your online business.


“Everybody who starts a business has big dreams and ambitions,” says Terry Lin, the founder of Baller Leather, an online retailer of fashion accessories. “But the growth of your e-commerce business depends on the ability to have new customers and increase sales of existing ones. Each marketing channel has a cost in time, money and energy “You have to find the right balance”.

To help you find that balance, we talk to a number of experts with decades of experience. Thanks to that, we have put together these five tips to help you avoid the common mistakes of e-commerce.

Here we write 5 errors must avoid in your e-commerce business

ERROR # 1:

Not knowing where to find clients

e-commerceNot all channels will be the same for all businesses. “It is very important to make sure that you are selling something that people are going to buy”

To begin, look for products similar to yours that are sold online. What market are your competitors targeting? Explore the rest of the market offers to get an idea of your potential buyers and their needs.


ERROR # 2:

Without maximization of social media

e-commerceMany e-commerce entrepreneurs think that it is very important to dominate the platforms. And social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. With this, you will make your brand accessible with information about new offers and photos. These platforms can also help you create a dialogue with customers in order to know, serve better and survey them to know what direction your business is running.

ERROR # 3:

Do not know your niche

e-commerceWho has several businesses online says one of the biggest sources of failure for online retailers is trying to sell many different types of products to too many different types of customers?

It is suggested to get as specific as possible. For example, a site selling equipment for extreme sports can concentrate only on the sale of harnesses.

ERROR # 4:

Get ahead by yourself

Especially in the early stages, use your time and resources wisely. One of the mistakes of entrepreneurs and many new online sales companies is to fill their inventory before they even know what their demand will be, to end up with a warehouse full of products that nobody wants to buy.

To avoid this, find out the demand for an item by searching for it on eBay or in other markets to see how many have been sold in the last month.

ERROR # 5:

The loss of focus

e-commerceWhen you launch an online store you have to pay attention to countless details, from the shipment of products, for example. As other tasks are added: prioritize what keeps your customers happy and your business stable.

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