4 Basic keys to open a bakery business

4 Basic keys to open a bakery business

Hey, if you are a good baker or if you think to start a bakery business, we write this article for you with 4 golden basic keys. Let’s start!!

A few years ago in Altamura, a town in southeastern Italy where 65 thousand people live. A humble 35-year-old Italian baker named Luigi Digesu achieved the feat of publicly humiliating the global fast food giant McDonald’s.

You’ll be thinking how he did it. And more than some astute entrepreneur will have intuited the answer. Yes, it was through a modest, but a well-thought-out bakery that the Italian managed to defeat the only local representative of the ultra-well known American franchise that 4 years ago delighted the Italians of that city.

The marketing operations launched by the fast food company, the commercial strategies devised by the brains of the hamburger multinational, the promotions, the discounts or the change of director with which the McDonald’s of Altamura tried to counteract were of no use. the offensive of the baker Digesu.

So powerful can be the impact and success of a bakery business, as long as it is well located, organized and cared for. A totally profitable business if you have the right plan. For this, you should know that this particular is not as easy as it is thought and deserves great knowledge and sacrifice.

Here we present the 4 keys points to open a bakery business

1. Bread as a bakery businessbakery business

– When you are preparing your bakery business plan, you should consider the following elements, if you are setting up the bakery from scratch: machines for kneading bread, ovens, decoration of the premises, counter, furniture, number of employees, etc.

– It is estimated that for the production of the bakery to be good, 500 kilograms per day should be produced. So that the investment is profitable.

– You must try to create the largest variety of products possible. At least 20 different including all types of bread possible. Quality and variety should go hand in hand.

– Try that the place where you establish your business has parking places where customers can park with the greatest possible comfort.

– The technological part also plays an important role in a bakery business, computer programs are needed to speed up repetitive tasks, control points of sale, optimize production and control costs. It will also allow you to keep track of daily consumptions and observe which product you have to elaborate more and which one has to elaborate less.

– You must calculate the manufacturing cost of the products, defining the raw materials to make the forecasts of the stock products according to the manufacturing needs. This would avoid unnecessarily increasing production costs and would lead to a loss in profits. You may also check this article: Banquet Business: How to set up a banquet business

2. You need expert personnel in the fieldbakery business

– Making a good quality bread requires excellent handling and knowledge of different types of dough. So it is important that you hire a master baker with experience first. This person will be the key piece of your bakery business. Since when making a good bread and excellent products derived from flour you will achieve that the clients return constantly and recommend the place.

– You must also hire a pastry chef who can offer a wide variety of pastry sweets and cakes or cakes decorated for parties and birthdays. And a master baker who is responsible for placing and removing all products from the oven and achieve its perfect cooking.

3. Choose an excellent locationbakery business

Followed by the expertise of the staff is to get an excellent location. A commercial area where people can go to breakfast before going to work, can go to lunch quickly without the extra surcharge of the service of the innkeeper of a restaurant or can pass work out before going to the house to bring fresh bread to dinner. This would be the ideal area of a bakery business.

4. Mix tradition with good customer servicebakery business

– Achieving greater production while maintaining the best quality can be the key to success for what you may need to maintain or resume. The techniques of master bakers who made the dough by hand and combine it with the latest technology. You should also try to keep the prices competitive. As long as you do not lower the quality of the products.

– As I said at the beginning, apart from being a difficult trade it is a business that deserves a great sacrifice. Since the ovens are lit at 4:00 am and they go out around 8:00 pm

– You must have a trusted employee open the business to the public first thing in the morning, regularly at 6:00 am. So that customers who have to work earlier have a place to go for breakfast or a coffee.

– Generally, bakeries have two or three employees who serve in the future. Serving what customers ask them to eat and drink, and they manage the box themselves. In other establishments they have a staff exclusively in charge of money and cash management. That will depend on your initial budget.

– If to start you do not have the necessary budget to pay a supervisor. As an owner, you will have to spend many hours to make sure everything goes well. And many times it may even be your turn to learn to bake bread in the morning.

– You must know how to organize the work days of your employees. And since it is a business that opens from Monday to Sunday. You must find a way for each employee to have at least two days off a week and eight hours a day.

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