How to make a successful podcast business with in 7 steps

How to make a successful podcast business with in 7 steps

Imagine that you learn how to make a podcast business: hundreds of people listen to your voice, start to succeed, and manage to generate income with your programs. You realize that with your talent and dedication you have created a successful and fun business.

Would you like to get it? Well, if you dare, read this guide well because here I will show you how to do it.

What is a podcast and what is it for?podcast

In very simple words, a podcast business is an audio or video program that you can download from the Internet to listen to whenever you want.

It’s like a radio show, only that on the radio you have to be aware of the time at which they broadcast it (or else, you can not hear it), and the podcast is a program of this type but you can download and listen anytime.

Believe it or not, podcasts were invented 14 years ago, so it’s time that you know exactly what it’s about and how it works.

To begin, you should know that although podcasts can be done in video or audio, most of them are voice recordings.

So anyone who has a good idea, a computer, and a microphone can create a podcast. Continue reading: 5 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR MOBILE PHONE

How to make a podcast: 7 simple steps

1. Identify the perfect listener for youpodcast

The first thing is to identify the people with whom you are going to share your message. This step is necessary because you will have a better idea of the people who will listen to you and you will feel much more comfortable as you talk.

The essential thing when you decide to make a Podcast is to imagine your audience and answer some questions like:

  • How old are the people who will listen to your podcast?
  • What tastes or hobbies do they have in common?
  • In which devices do you usually listen to the audio (the telephone, the computer …)?
  • What other types of radio programs do you like?
  • When do you usually listen to podcasts?

Knowing who are the people who listen to you will help you to know what kind of language you are going to use and the topics on which you are going to speak.

It is not the same to record an interview for children of school age than for a group of DJs.

So thinking about your listeners will be the first step and it will show you the direction of your path.

2. Define a theme for your recordings

You must identify what you like most and what you have the most knowledge, may be in the subject of computer science, painting, classes of any subject, in a few words, anything about which you like to talk a lot.

So it will be much easier for you when developing the script or the topics of what you are going to talk about.

You must find something that attracts the public, that you master well and that you really like it.

For example, you like cooking, you can choose a recipe for a dessert, there are many people who look for ideas for a dessert when sharing with their loved ones.

Do not worry about inventing something that has never been done, there may be more than one podcast on the same subject, the important thing is that you give a personal touch, is that no one would do it as you do.

If you really love the topic you chose, you will have great ideas to make people connect with you.

When you have chosen something that interests you, make sure you are always focused on the same topic, because it will be what the audience expects from you.

I recommend that you bring a list of the topics that you have developed in each program, so you will not repeat them.

Also, make another list of the new themes that you can think of, so you will not forget it.

Do not be afraid that at some point you do not have to talk anymore, there will always be something new and I’ll leave you a trick to keep up your sleeve.

When you finish each program, ask your audience what they would like to hear next time.

3. Choose a format for your podcastpodcast

Okay, now you have to plan the format or structure of your Podcast business. With this I do not mean the type of audio like “MP3” or something similar; It is more to the organization that your project will have.

This task can be said to have a lot to do with the number of members that will be part of your work. There are three types of formats, which you should know when you start your Podcast.

The first format is to do it individually, in this structure, the Podcast is made by a person, it is simply a monologue.

In this way, you will have control of your entire project, the preparations, the theme, the planning of the publication, the recording, and everything else.

The second format is the group, this is identified by having two or more people to plan the Podcast.

A point in favor of this format is that it will be much easier to have a more fluid conversation, but you will have to be careful because in this case, you do not have total control of the Podcast.

A third format would be a combination of the previous two, for example, an interview, since the Podcast is made up of more than two people and you can have control over the topic.

4. Structure the organization of your podcast business

Here you will have to define how your project will be structured, for example: for short episodes, or just a long episode, will it have an introduction, development, and conclusion?

The important thing about this step is to accustom your audience to a sequence so that they feel identified and familiar.

Besides the time, you will also have to plan the frequency with which you are going to publish your Podcast, imagine that it is a radio program or a series of entertainment, so the audience will know when it will be your next publication.

There is no good or bad structure, this is very personal, so you can leave your imagination free.

The important thing here is that you enter the lives of the listeners and become part of their routine, for example, Thursdays at 7:00 PM are exclusively to download and listen to your program.

Do not forget to leave a question or an open topic, such as a little appetizer to feel like listening to the next episode.

5. Make your audios uniquepodcast

Once you have planned the theme and content of your Podcast, it will be necessary to customize it a bit and add some features so you can excel, like giving it a good name and choosing an excellent image.

When choosing the name, it is very important that you take your time, since the name should describe by itself that it will treat your Podcast business.

Also, it will be the name by which people can find your work.

Like the name, the image must be something very special, because it will be the cover of your work.

It is important that the image, identify and express the content of your Podcast, without forgetting that it should be striking and original.

If you do not get one that you like online, you can edit it in your style with a program to edit images.

6. Get to record!

At this stage it is time for action: we start recording!

Although, how important is it, I have decided that it is better to make a section only for this step.

7. Upload your podcast to an audio platformpodcast

For this, it is necessary that you upload or host it on a specialized platform for Podcast like the ones I recommended above.

Some of the most well-known and specialized sites for uploading podcasts are Ivoox, LibSync, Speaker, SoundCloud, iTunes.

Do not miss the opportunity to discuss your new project with your friends and family to have your first listeners.

Share the link on all the pages and social networks where you can, I suggest you start with Facebook and Twitter which are the most popular.

After this, you will begin to receive visits and downloads to your podcast, and each time you will get more popularity.

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