Passion is NOT Enough to Create a Successful Business!

Passion is NOT Enough to Create a Successful Business!

Maybe you have heard this advice …

“Find your passion to build your business and you are assured of your success.”

But if all you had to do was follow your passion and do what you love …

Why are so many frustrated entrepreneurs?

There are people very passionate about the positive impact that their products or services cause on people, but their businesses do not generate the income they expected.

And that is basically for a reason …

They do not have an audience interested in buying what they offer.

To solve that, you should always keep in mind that there are three essential rules for you to implement a really powerful marketing.

It’s 3 M of Marketing:

Market, Message, Media

If you are guided by these 3 M in your business, you will literally get all the customers you want.

But be careful with this …

A very common mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they start with the wrong M.

They usually start with the Media and create their sales material, because it is easier to do that or because they are desperate to start generating income.

The problem with that is that it rarely works.

If you use a medium in which your audience is not (market), or you use a message that is not what your audience really wants, but what you “believe” that people want …

… then you are going straight to failure, without knowing it.

The first thing you should do is to know your audience perfectly, your market. Then create your message, and finally choose the medium you will use.

So follow these three rules, but in the same order that I present to you …

1. Find your Market

Who are you going to offer your products or services to and why?

Describe your ideal client, what he does for a living, where he lives, how old he is, in what means he spends more time, his needs, desires, problems, challenges and objectives.

You should always walk hand in hand with your purpose for which you want to help “that person” to solve their problems.

What motivates you beyond the money you hope to earn by doing a good job?

You have to find your market, and it must be a target audience that wants what you offer (and not just needs it).

Most likely, you should deepen your market and focus on a segment of that market, and even a niche within that segment.

2. Define your Message

When you already have a market, you must define your message.

This is where passion really comes into play.

What is the message you want to share passionately?

Research your competition to ensure it is a profitable market.

In your investigation, also find out what void you can fill. What is the message that is not being issued in the way that only you can do it?

Define your core message, as well as the benefits that you will share with your audience.

How can you make a difference in the lives of these people?

3. Use the Best Medium

You must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach your target audience.

If it is easier to reach your audience through affiliate / partner programs, are you willing to pay affiliates well, contact them and follow up?

What if your target audience requires you to reach it through a face-to-face event?

You must be willing to put together and conduct a conference, seminar or workshop.

And if it’s easier to find it through Facebook …

Are you willing to invest in Facebook ads to reach your audience with precision, instead of being publishing your products in all groups or tagging your friends in your posts?

Additionally, are you willing to use a business model that is at least at the level of your competition?

For example, if your main competitors have high-priced products or a membership site, is that something you would be willing to implement in your business?

So, when you already have the best means to reach your audience, you must use a method consistently.

Consistency is the key.

It’s not about creating a video and expecting it to spread across the internet.

You must generate information aligned with your message, consistently.

It can be through emails configured in your email marketing service …

… or ads on Facebook

… or articles on your blog

… or videos on YouTube

… or webinars.

You choose.

What format do you feel most comfortable with?

We chose as our main means of generating customers the Advertising Ads on Facebook. We chose it for the precision with which we can reach our ideal clients.

When you choose your medium, the fundamental thing is that you have a method for that medium, with which you can be consistent.

How you will have noticed, doing what you love is not enough …

You must follow these three rules so you can implement a powerful marketing and achieve all the objectives you have with your business.

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