5 Trends in digital marketing that have a future

5 Trends in digital marketing that have a future

If it has become relatively simple to create a website to promote your business, succeed in propelling it on the Web is not easy. To achieve this, there is only one path: that of digital marketing. Obviously, good old (?) Marketing techniques have not disappeared from circulation yet, the 2.0 era has made consumers less gullible to say the least, tougher.

In addition, “traditional” advertising on traditional media (TV, radio, telegraph, etc.) is too expensive for the vast majority of small businesses and SMEs, its effectiveness is questionable and its authenticity often leaves something to be desired.

The question at 100 bitcoins is: how to conquer the formidable cyber consumers? What are the most promising digital marketing trends? In short, where are we going? Below, 5 trends in digital marketing that you must know to break into the Web.

5 Digital marketing trends that have a future

Content marketing

digital marketingContent marketing, or content marketing as Fire Shakespeare used to say (or was it Bill Gates), is the trend to know in 2015. The phrase “content is king” flourishes on all the mouths of professionals marketing. This form of communication goes beyond the boat marketing messages that have bathed consumers for too long. Brands are increasingly engaging in storytelling, consulting and entertainment. The goal is to serve Internet users by offering them, among other things, useful information through blogs or Webinars, content that is pleasant to consult via social networks, or by giving them the floor by sharing inspiring testimonials. We are far from the commercial messages that give us illusions in the Axis of “you feel good.

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Human marketing and tailor-made

As we said, tasteless and tasteless pubs are no longer holding the public. It’s not just about being original: the human aspect of brands – especially in the digital world – is gradually taking over. The ”  Flawsome  ” strategy of showing a human face and admitting mistakes has already proven its success. Consumers are not fooled: everyone commits dumplings and it is easier to forgive a “human” brand than a frightening lawless commercial titan. Once you have your voice (and path) of communication well established, you have to make good use of it.

Whether it is through social networks, email marketing or online customer service, it is essential to answer consumers in a personal way and to understand the nuances of their expectations. Even receiving an email that opens with “Dear Manu” instead of “Dear Customer” is a big difference. Accompanying customers throughout the process, responding at all times and above all, keep and analyze the different behavioral indicators of each of them, you will be a tremendous utility.

Tip for your site:

You need to build your brand in a thoughtful way to fit your target. Another useful tip is to maximize your contact form to get information about your visitors.

Audiovisual Marketing

digital marketingMany of us do not dare to admit it: we suffer from an acute addiction to videos. Even in front of the teloche, some keep an eye on YouTube on their mobile – true story. Audiovisual content continues to rise. If the friend of all our friends, Mr. Zuckerberg, gives video content a much larger reachthan that of photos, status or links (for professional pages), it is a sign that YouTube causes him insomnia. And for good reason, online videos are a phenomenal success. Watching a video imposes no effort, catches the eye and is, after all, a pleasant experience. The impact of videos is also largely due to their virality. No need to go into more detail, the audiovisual content is booming and it is wise to take advantage of it until the last drop. Need to optimize the SEO of your videos on YouTube? This article tells you what to do.

Tip for your site:

Create interactive videos, short and if possible, fun. If you have the viral content recipe – be careful about it being related to your brand – then go with it heartily!

Targeted and segmented marketing

We touch the heart of the subject. Whether we like it or not, social networks and search engines collect endless information about us. Facebook knows our age, our mom’s, our favorite bands, our location and a variety of other data. Google retains each of our research and adapts to our tastes constantly. This information is used by advertisers who want to reach a specific target or demographic group.

If on Google, it is possible to serve on the pixel platform the object of the search of Internet users, on Facebook we can decide to choose whole groups of users (and their friends, and the friends of their friends and so on in concentric circles) according to their origin, their centers of interest etc. Thus, advertisers can now reach an extremely accurate target based on all the data collected by the giants of the Web. Do you search for a low-cost trip on Google? The ads will begin to swarm in your online world. Information is no longer sought by Internet users, it delivers to them.

Tip for your site: Use social media advertising and interest in Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Mobile Marketing

digital marketingThe number of Internet users accessing the Internet from their mobile devices continues to grow. As you know, smart phones and tablets are distributed like hotcakes. This success translates into a 38% mobile web page viewing rate (7% from tablets). Yes, it’s official, mobile marketing has become indispensable. The majority of online advertising agencies offer solutions specifically designed for Mobile Internet and seek to encourage advertisers to make use of it – rightly so. Because in 2018, it is no longer just a question of proposing the right product, at the right time, to the right consumer; it must be suggested to him in a suitable way on the relevant medium.

Tip for your site:

Do not forget to optimize the display of your site (and all your landing pages) for mobile. We also suggest you consider the possibility of creating an application for your business.


We are currently observing a series of fascinating developments in digital marketing. Digital marketing tends towards much more subtle goals than traditional marketing. It is no longer a question of selling aggressively but of rendering a service to the users, it is no longer a question of talking about one’s brand at all costs, but of sharing the dialogue with the consumers, it is better to forget the illusory messages. in favor of a more human voice, and finally, success no longer consists in reaching the widest possible audience but in offering the right service, in the right way, in the right place, at the right time, to the right people; in short, quality is the highest on quantity.

Reconciling consumers with businesses is certainly not an easy task, but if the road is long, it is certainly going in the right direction.


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