How to Pick the Right Music for Your Retail Store

How to Pick the Right Music for Your Retail Store

We all understand that music affects our mood, but less well known is the fact that this music can affect consumer purchasing behaviour in a retail environment.

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Indeed, music is increasingly an influential part of the marketing mix for many retail businesses. In store music is proving integral to influencing the customer purchase experience as well as your brand’s image.

An increasing number of studies show empirically that the right background music can have a very positive effect on sales. According to the Business Insider, one study illustrates that loud music can encourage customers to walk through a supermarket more quickly without affecting the number of sales. Another study shows how playing classical music in a wine store increased sales and led to customers purchasing more expensive wines.

Given this power of music in a retail setting, it is essential to understand how best to maximise its potential in influencing consumer behaviour.

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The information below may be beneficial in showing you how to pick the best music for your retail store.

Music and Song Types

Choosing the right song types for background music to affect your customers’ behaviour positively is therefore essential. You need to personalise and expertly tailor your in store music mix to your customer profile with the help of experts like Playing no music is no longer an option because this too can impact on consumer purchasing behaviour.

Music Volume

Music volume for your retail store music also needs to be determined expertly by music service providers to ensure your customers respond positively and provide sales results for your retail store.

Music Tempo and Key

In addition, music tempo and key needs to be factored in expertly because these too affect consumer psychology and spending.

Music Legalities

Any store background music needs to comply with copyright laws before it can be played. Ensuring you have signed up for this music can be checked for you by a relevant music service provider.

Playing no store music is no longer an option. Conversely, getting this wrong is not an option either because your retail business performance will suffer. Your retail store music needs to be tailored carefully and expertly to best fit your customers’ tastes and your business image. A proven link between music and consumer purchasing behaviour can no longer be ignored.


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