Workplace Bullying – Three Health Conditions that Can be Caused by Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying is sadly something that is experienced in many places and in lots of situations and organisations. Although it is something that we often associate with the playground, the truth is that sadly it is something that can be found in all walks of life and is often something that goes on in the workplace.

For many people, they feel that the problem is so bad that they have no choice but to leave their job – in this case it is certainly worth speaking to a professional like this about making a constructive dismissal claim.

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Bullying has a huge affect on overall health of the victim – here are three common health problems that can affect a person who Is being bullied at work…

High Blood Pressure – This is something that can be triggered by stress, especially if the situation is ongoing and very stressful. High blood pressure is also very dangerous and can lead to severe illnesses like heart attacks and strokes.

Sleep Trouble – Having trouble with sleep is something that can affect many people who are being bullied. It may be that you develop insomnia, which means that you get very little sleep and have difficulty sleeping or that you get off to sleep ok but found that you wake up throughout the night.

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Anxiety – Feeling anxiety in some situations is normal and healthy, but bullying can cause anxiety to develop into a much more problematic condition. This has a huge impact on the rest of your life and can also lead to panic attacks and mental health problems.

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