All marketers dream of creating buzz with viral content. And for good reason, it is a very effective and economical way to publicize your brand, build a database or establish a special relationship with existing customers.

Although some content becomes viral on a stroke of luck, a recent study has shown that viral content has points in common: they broadcast positive messages, arouse strong emotions or have a practical and useful. In other words, a content does not become viral by chance. It is the subject of a real strategy. Check out the Shortlist for a successful viral marketing campaign.


viral marketing

Viral marketing can be defined as word-of-mouth in the digital version. This vector of communication, similar to a virus that spreads at an exponential speed (hence its name), consists of sharing a written or visual message with users who retransmit it in turn in order to reach a large audience in no time and at a lower cost. In short, viral marketing is an essential part of the strategy of any web marketing agency.

Here are some steps you need to follow to reach your goals


The majority of companies embarking on a viral marketing campaign aim to be seen by as many people as possible. However, the purpose of this campaign is not to address everyone, but the right people. By identifying the profile of your audience, you will be able to determine what types of content can trigger their interest and trigger emotions.

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By playing on the register of emotions, you have a 28.6% chance of getting your target audience to perform an action. Indeed, the feelings an individual feel after seeing, hearing or reading something that touches him greatly influence his behavior. There are 7 strong emotions, namely admiration, anxiety, anger, envy, joy, fear, and surprise. We also talk about social triggers.


viral marketing

That is to say, joy (including humor), admiration or surprise. Note that this last emotion is one of the main social triggers to be favored because it is very effective.


With regard to these strong emotions, you must “handle” them with the greatest care. It is true that emotions such as anger or fear have the power to trigger quick reactions (the user is quick to comment on social networks). However, we strongly discourage you from using this ploy. On the other hand, you can use fear to make people aware of a danger they do not even suspect.


viral marketing

By sharing practical and useful content, you increase your chances of succeeding in your viral marketing campaign. Tip: choose a title that hangs and very explicit. Not only will it arouse the curiosity of the user, but also the latter will want to share your content with friends and family.


To become viral, content must be visually appealing. Whether your content is in the form of a blog post, a tweet, or a Facebook post, it must have one or more beautiful color images. This study also showed that people like to share infographics, more than lists, instructions or videos.


To broadcast your viral content in a timely manner, you must be aware of the latest news. Cinema, music, sports, economy, politics … it is essential that you stay informed. To do this, stay connected on Twitter. This tool allows you to discover news from around the world in real time.

viral marketing

On the other hand, thanks to Twitter, you get acquainted with the latest trends in your area of ​​activity. Therefore, whenever you can make a connection between an event and your brand, jump on the opportunity (but do not create especially viral content around a tragedy or a negative event).


Now that you’ve created your viral content, do not sit back and wait for people to spread your message. Put in place built-in features to facilitate the transfer of your content:

Social buttons: highlight share buttons. Place them above the content. You will increase their visibility by 63%;

Sharing: You can also ask users to broadcast your message by including a custom call-to-action button instead of a standard call button.

In addition, do not hesitate to call on influential people. These will give you a huge boost by sharing your content on social networks or by mentioning it on their blog.

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