From simple counting device to computer programs.

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But where did it all start?

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The abacus is one of the first simple devices that was used to count items. It was used in ancient times and was created from ten rods each with ten beads on it set inside a wooden frame. “Abacus” is a Greek word that means flat surface. It is thought that abacus’ have been used since 300 BC as a way of counting with the early varieties being small enough to be carried around in the hand. Following on from this other varieties were created both larger in size and also using other materials both for the counting beads and the rods that hold them. In some areas of the world types of abacus’ are still used as a method for teaching children how to count.

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There are many interesting facts about the abacus and here are a few for you to have a look through.

  • Materials – Bamboo frames were originally used along with wooden beads and rods. Since ancient times they have been made from a variety of wood types, metal and even plastic.
  • What can you use it for? – you could be forgiven for thinking that an abacus is a simple tool to be able to count items, but they can in fact be used for subtracting, multiplying and dividing as well
  • Names – Abacus is the name of the instrument used for counting and abacist is the name of the person doing the counting.
  • World popularity – Russians are thought to have used the abacus the most with the first one being used in this country having been imported from France in around 1820. In Japan the abacus is still used in schools to teach children’s the basics of mathematics and means they become less reliant on calculators as they grow up.

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