Six Tips to Dress a Window

Six Tips to Dress a Window

Consider the function

Consider the purpose of the room as well as the needs of the windows before choosing the right window covering. In a bedroom you might want to focus on privacy and light control while in a lounge you may wish to maximise natural light and enhance your view. Consider the material of your window covering. For example, if you want to dress a bathroom window with roller blinds, they may become dusty or mouldy if there is condensation in the room.

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Coordinate with the style of the room

Window treatments should complement the style and decor of a room. Take into account the colour scheme, the furniture and other elements of the room. Select window coverings that are in harmony with the aesthetic of the room. Consider the style you want to achieve in your home. For example, if the window is located in a period or heritage property, it may be better to use window coverings that are more appropriate for the time.

Measure accurately

When it comes to window coverings, accurate measurements are essential. To ensure the perfect fit, measure the window’s width and height accurately. Consult a professional if you require more information.

Layer for versatility

The versatility of your windows can be enhanced by layering different window treatments. You can, for example, combine blinds and shades with curtains to achieve both functionality and style. The use of layers allows you to control light and privacy, and also helps keep your room warmer. For Tewkesbury Blinds, contact

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Detail-oriented attention

Do not overlook the details when you are dressing your windows. Add decorative hardware such as curtain rods and tiebacks to the look. Select fabrics and materials of high quality that can withstand daily wear and tear and retain their appearance. You may need to take into consideration the colour of your blinds or curtains, since your windows are the primary source of light in the room. Some colours will fade more quickly under direct sunlight.

Keep your home clean and tidy

It’s essential to clean and maintain your window coverings regularly in order to keep them looking great. You should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for cleaning and caring, and you should address any stains and damage immediately. Blinds can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust, but if they have been left open the blinds may need to be wiped down more often. Curtains and drapes should also receive a wash every year to maintain their appearance.


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