The different types of interviews you might attend

Most people get nervous at the thought of attending an interview and one of the best ways to help this is to prepare. You should ensure that you read the job details that are prepared by the procurement recruitment agency like, or the company directly and then find out what type of interview you are potentially going to be having.

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Here are some ideas of the different types of interviews that you might come across.

  • Face to face – this is the standard kind of interview where you attend, with one or two people who will ask you questions about your experience and knowledge to find out your suitability for the job role.
  • Panel – this is where 2 or more people are present for the interview and this is often the case for promotion interviews as well as those where there are going to be a number of different people making a decision on the results of the hiring.

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  • Telephone – these kinds of interviews are often used for the first stage of a recruitment process. They allow the interviewer to find out more about the candidate to decide whether they want to progress them onto a full interview.
  • Group assessment – these can be common interview styles for professions such as teaching, where you are asked to attend a candidate assessment day. During this time you might be asked to complete a series of assessments and then an individual interview will take place.

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