What Things to Be Aware of Before Moving to a Rural Area

What Things to Be Aware of Before Moving to a Rural Area

Although moving to the countryside and enjoying rural bliss is something that many people dream of, it can also be one of those things that doesn’t live up to the dream.

Like every big decision, it is worth looking at the negatives as well as the positives so that you can be sure you are making a well-informed decision…

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Shopping can be a problem when you are out in the sticks! There are not as many choices of food shops and supermarkets close by, and if you enjoy a takeaway, be prepared to travel further afield to get what you want.

Many people tend to stock up and do a big shop rather than regular shopping trips, as it takes much longer to pop to the shops when you are rurally located.

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Connections to things like the internet, mobile phone signal and the television are much more limited in most rural areas of the UK. This is something that you should research before you make the move, especially if you rely on having these connections for work. Things like Star link and using a multi network sim like this www.lister-communications.co.uk/business-mobiles/multi-network-data-sim-cards  can help you to stay well connected, so it is worth looking into these.

If you have children, think about how they will travel to school, what schools are nearby and also what activities are available for them. If you are moving from a city and they are used to having lots of clubs and activities on the doorstep, then this is a big adjustment for them, and it also may mean that you need to drive them around a lot.


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